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Baileys XC, Brand Guidelines

Targeted and emotionally engaging retail theatre

The brief: create the retail look for Baileys XC in Global

Travel Retail.

Our response: This took the form of a Toolkit that end-markets could use for activations in their own markets.

Baileys XC has French Cognac as its base and is aimed at a young female audience. To bring this to life we constructed a fictitious backstory that focused on the ‘consumption moment’. 

This backstory is based around Le Salon de Marie.  Marie is a twenty something glamorous Parisienne who is hosting a party for her girlfriends in her chic Paris apartment.

Marie’s ’backstory’ became our reference point for all design development. By creating a personality and adhering to the principle that Marie is never seen but her presence is always felt,

(a discarded shoe, a scarf draped over a mannequin, a perfume atomiser), we were always able to ask ourselves the question, ‘would Marie approve?’ 

The result is a set of touch-points that are consistent, engaging

and scalable. 

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