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The Dalmore Guidelines

Walking the talk

Renowned for our understanding of luxury brands, Jordan Design was approached to design the new Global and GTR Brand Toolkit for The Dalmore, considered to be one of the world’s most luxurious single malt whiskies. 

Our challenge was that although the brand already sat at the high table of luxury single malt scotch whiskies (record auction prices and premium pricing for the rarer SKUs testified to this), the way it showed up at retail was not doing justice to the quality of the spirit nor its luxury aspirations.  It was not ‘walking the talk’.

To deliver on our client’s aspiration to position The Dalmore at the apex of single malt whisky, we developed a retail design language that steered clear of the usual whisky design cues of copper and wood. Instead, we created a materials palette based around black, silver and white leather. 

We remodeled the iconic Royal Stag so that it was more elegant and refined (this new design now adorns every bottle of The Dalmore), and the brand’s retail presence is now confident and understated; if shoppers wanted to discover more about the brand they are invited to open drawers that reveal a deeper insight into the brand’s Royal heritage, tasting notes, cask curation etc. 

This emphasis on luxury and privilege has been followed through in all communications, and we were very proud to be invited to re-design The Dalmore Visitor Centre and private client spaces at the brand’s distillery in Allness. This was a major undertaking and is scheduled for completion in July 2019.

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